ITL #354   Changing the rules: public relations in a sharing economy

Businesses in the communications sector have been slow to apply lessons from the sharing economy. By Ilissa Miller.

ITL #353   Looking forward: why strategic communicators need a futurist (and curious) mindset

Futurists are not only curious, they’ve learned to train their curiosity to see things others don’t. Doing so allows them to anticipate customer needs to develop more effective communications. By Stephen Dupont.

ITL #352 Change versus transformation: our new communications imperative

The communication profession must recognize and understand the differences between “change” and “transformation” and develop the distinct skills each require. By Maril MacDonald.

ITL #351   Henry Schein: delivering a brand story across language and cultural barriers

Health care solutions provider Henry Schein works hard to ensure consistency in the way its “Rely on us” brand promise is delivered internationally. By Ann Marie Gothard.

ITL #350   Repositioning our industry: time to call ourselves reputation managers

Reputation management must be established as a core management discipline, not a communications function. And we have to get better at telling our clients and organisations what they need. By Tony Langham.

ITL #349   Right to PR counsel: resolving the Hong Kong dilemma

PR consultancies declined to work on a global image campaign for the Hong Kong government. Was this the right decision? Or should they have behaved more like lawyers? By Senjam Raj Sekhar.

ITL #348 -  Measuring effectiveness: a communications challenge

Metrics can be as customized as needed. But if tailored ones are to work well, you have to know what you want to find. By Barbrha Ibáñez

ITL #347  - Social permitting: strategic communications and the path to development

Lack of public trust in energy infrastructure projects presents a big challenge. By Jeff Risley.

ITL #346 How to write an international text on public relations: a practical approach

Writing a book inevitably introduces you to new people and new concepts. And it’s hard to beat the sight of your own name on the cover. By Ellen Gunning.

ITL #345 Marketing and public relations: crossover or crossed wires?

An integrated communications model can be a hugely effective and efficient way to manage an increasingly complex and interconnected stakeholder universe. By Simon Sproule.
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