ITL #221 All the young dudes: what millennials want from work

Employers expect a return on the investments made in developing their people. Not easy, given the mindset of many younger workers. By Danny Cox.

ITL #220 Choice of words: when should communicators use swag or slang?

Language is evolving faster than ever. As new terms and usages catch on among certain demographic groups, communicators need to think carefully about if and when to use them. By Juan F. Lezama.

ITL #219 Open data: a richer context to communications

In the age of data journalism and with trust and transparency of critical importance to organisations, PR practitioners must learn how to use open data appropriately to inform and influence. By Paul Wilkinson.

ITL #218 Breathless with anticipation: countdown to the Golden World Awards 2017 deadline

The IPRA GWAs are the only truly global PR awards. The good news is, there’s still time to enter this year’s competition. By Rob Gray.

ITL #217 Sending a frog to Parliament: correcting misconceptions around mental health

A group of young people facing mental health challenges created an award-winning campaign that fought the stigma of mental illness and changed services for the better. By Hil Berg.

ITL #216 Social Media killed the dark site: re-envisioning online crisis communication

Crisis newsrooms need to mirror the functionality and formats of main news and social media sites so that the audience can interact with fresh, informative incident content. By Gerry McCusker.

ITL #215 President Trump and me: why I still believe in ethical PR

In these troubled, divisive times, PR has a vital role to play in bursting ideological bubbles and creating common ground on which people of opposing views can meet. By Guy Versailles.

ITL #214 Decoding technological complexity: India’s emergent B2B communications sector

Increasingly sophisticated small and media sized technology firms are building business in India by providing added value as well as cost savings. By Pia Desai Pasricha.

ITL #213 Brand purpose: consumer relationships that last

How can brands build deep and lasting connections with target audiences? And what do brands that enjoy strong relationships have in common. By Bob Grove.

ITL #212 Fintech: overcoming PR challenges in a fast-evolving sector

Many of the biggest financial services stories are related to advances in technology. However, in the complicated fintech sector, it requires skill to convey impactful messages. By Martina Doherty.
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