ITL #229 Rethinking resources and skills: whose job is it anyway?

Many organisations struggle to map out the level and balance of internal and external support necessary to deliver the communications results they desire. By Julia Willoughby.

ITL #228 From disruption to disorientation: a new approach to brand management

Amid fast-paced change and growing incivility, brands are finding near-future thinking more realistic than long-term mapping. By Ian Rumsby.

ITL #227 Entrepreneurs and reputation: the Uber problems of fast-growth start-ups

Company founders often struggle with staff management and business reputation issues, with potentially damaging consequences. By Jacqueline Purcell.

ITL #226 Create, innovate and integrate: staying relevant in the new communication landscape

Compelling storytelling is key, as evidenced by the communication campaign around hard-hitting documentary Daughters of Mother India. By Valerie Pinto.

ITL #225 Women in the C-Suite: learning from a teenage scientist

A talented teenager’s fight to be taken seriously in the male-dominated world of STEM is inspirational and offers valuable pointers on how women can help one another succeed. By Claudia Gioia.

ITL #224 Overwork and burnout: what it really means to put your people first

Staying late in the office on a regular basis is sadly the norm for employees at many companies. But stressed, overworked staff aren’t good for business. By Nicky James.

ITL #223 PR in Brazil: when scandal hits

Companies struggling to rebuild reputation and regain a social ‘license to operate’ must tackle flaws in their corporate culture. Part of the solution lies with good communicators who understand compliance issues. By Andrew Greenlees.

ITL #222 Becoming business strategists: time to recharge the PR profession

The communications landscape is being transformed and client needs have become more complex. But these sweeping changes have thrown up an opportunity for PR practitioners to redefine themselves as sales, marketing and communications strategists. By Lars-Ola Nordqvist.

ITL #221 All the young dudes: what millennials want from work

Employers expect a return on the investments made in developing their people. Not easy, given the mindset of many younger workers. By Danny Cox.

ITL #220 Choice of words: when should communicators use swag or slang?

Language is evolving faster than ever. As new terms and usages catch on among certain demographic groups, communicators need to think carefully about if and when to use them. By Juan F. Lezama.
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