Thought Leadership Essays

IPRA thought leadership (ITL) essays deliver relevant and engaging content for anyone involved in Public Relations with an international dimension. They provide valuable insight and forthright opinion on the key trends and live issues that really matter in the fast-changing world of Public Relations today.

ITL #238 Shining a lamp on infographics: What marketers can learn from Florence Nightingale

When we think of Florence Nightingale, we of course think of the Lady with the Lamp, the pioneer of modern nursing, statistician…but do we think of her as a pioneering marketer? Hardly! Perhaps we should,. By Alice Thomas.

ITL #237 Augmented influence: how a second technology revolution will change the PR industry once again

Through interpreting and communicating the new and the next, PR practitioners have become innovators. To offer counsel on using artificial intelligence, we must understand it and use it ourselves. By Guillaume Herbette.

ITL #236 PR in public administration: greater recognition is overdue

Communications practitioners in government and other public bodies are confronted by many complicated demands. Yet all too often their work is undervalued. By Gordana Bekčić Pješčić.

ITL #235 Eyes on Europe: how to make an impact

Despite the confusion and uncertainties of Brexit, Europe is buzzing with innovation and opportunities. By Claire Walker.

ITL #234 Investing in local talent: importing skills, not people, in African communications

Hiring and developing local talent rather than over-reliance on expats is the smart way for communications consultancies to build business in Africa. By Mitchell Prather.

ITL #233 It’s good to talk: addressing mental health in the workplace

The PR industry globally needs to do more to tackle the issues of stress and mental ill health in the workplace. By Sabine Raabe.

ITL #232 Crossing the line: when ethical conduct falls by the wayside

The Gupta Leaks affair in South Africa lifted the lid on unacceptable PR activities on behalf of a high-risk client. Communicators must not descend into unethical behaviour. By Vincent Magwenya.

ITL #231 Employee engagement: wrapping communications in a SCARF framework

Personalised communication that addresses innate social needs plays a major role in keeping employees happy and productive. By Crispin Manners.

ITL #230 Public affairs in India: navigating a complex policy domain

India presents huge opportunities for multinational corporations but it is also a complicated and challenging country in which to do business. By Nitin Mantri.

ITL #229 Rethinking resources and skills: whose job is it anyway?

Many organisations struggle to map out the level and balance of internal and external support necessary to deliver the communications results they desire. By Julia Willoughby.
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