ITL #341 Linking brands with sport: is it time to stop thinking of sports stars as role models?

While elite sport has been bedevilled by many scandals, the highs outweigh the lows and countless brands continue to boost their image through sponsorship and other alliances. By David Alexander.

ITL #340 - Saving our seas and oceans: communicating with the purpose of improving marine health

The Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy was launched in March 2019 with a focus on protecting our precious oceans. By Matthew McKenna and Sarah Townsend.

ITL #339 A quick text: the real value of SMS to PR practitioners

Given that SMS delivers immediacy and impact, more PR professionals should incorporate it into communications programmes. By Alain Grossbard.

ITL #338 - An alternative to hate filled tribalism: lessons from the swinging 60’s for today

Istanbul’s Mayor was elected to office on a platform of “radical love”, calling to mind the flower-power optimism of a bygone era. Dare we hope for more connection, less confrontation? By Richard Linning.

ITL #337 -  Creating a unified market leader: the role of communications in a merger

Building engagement was critical following the merger that formed specialist housing and care group Anchor Hanover. By Mario Ambrosi.

ITL #336   Peru: on the road to Public Relations maturity

The Peruvian PR sector is considerably smaller than many other South American markets but strong economic growth and increasing professionalism provide firm foundations for future development. By Luis Avellaneda Ulloa.

ITL #335 Thought leadership: into the new

Accenture has introduced a new thought leadership philosophy and process that allows it to shape the narrative of each story and sharpen its angle at an early stage. By Stacey Jones and Jill Kramer.

ITL #334   Revolution on the work floor: the changing structure of communications units

Leaders of corporate communications functions are having to rethink their strategic approach and reshape structures to create engagement engine rooms. By Lutz Meyer.

ITL #333   Always-on risk management: let’s talk resilience not crisis

Managing risk in a world of increasing motion and consumer expectation calls for a fresh approach to issues and crisis management. By Rebecca Wilson.

ITL #332 -  How to approach thought leadership: build for business outcomes, not marketing metrics

For persuasive, game-changing results, thought leadership content has to deliver a “Return on Objectives”. By Ken Mandelkern.
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