ITL #213 Brand purpose: consumer relationships that last

How can brands build deep and lasting connections with target audiences? And what do brands that enjoy strong relationships have in common. By Bob Grove.

ITL #212 Fintech: overcoming PR challenges in a fast-evolving sector

Many of the biggest financial services stories are related to advances in technology. However, in the complicated fintech sector, it requires skill to convey impactful messages. By Martina Doherty.

ITL #211 Change communications: achieving commitment to organisational transformation

There are four phases in a change process – awareness, understanding, acceptance and commitment. How can you get your people on board? By Nicole Gorfer.

ITL #210 Respectful, considerate communication: public relations as consciousness-raising

In an era of insensitive and often demeaning discourse, PR practitioners must stand firm in furthering ethical and acceptance-seeking communications. By Michael Fineman.

ITL #209 Let your audience know you: doing things the Arnold Palmer way

Arnold Palmer was a sporting great, both on and off the golf course. The way he connected with the public is a shining example for everybody involved in communications. By Peter Spurway.

ITL #208 The future is communications: time for PR to seize the day and a new name

With clients increasingly seeking a joined-up approach that brings together paid, owned and earned media, there is a great opportunity to take the lead on integration. By Adam Rubins.

ITL #207 Indian pharma: managing reputational risk in the digital era

Like the pharmaceuticals industry globally, the local industry in India faces its fair share of reputational challenges. By Seema Ahuja.

ITL #206 How to win: IPRA Golden World Awards 2017

IPRA GWA judges share what they look for in a successful campaign and set out the advantages of winning one of these prestigious international PR accolades. By Rob Gray.

ITL #205 Corporate blogs: an effective boost for visibility and vitality

How do you create a corporate blog that stands out from the crowd? And what can we learn from the best exponents of the art? By Ina Nikolova.

ITL #204 Before and after: why we need a new approach to crisis management

Progress in moving crisis management from tactics in the ‘war room’ to strategy in the boardroom has been too slow. By Tony Jaques.
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