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Corporate Change Need Not Spell Disaster

Arnaud Pochebonne outlines how to communicate corporate restructuring so as to improve the likelihood of success and minimise reputational damage.

CSR as Branded Content

Consumers are increasingly concerned about ethical and sustainability issues. So companies that closely link their brand marketing and CSR initiatives will reap the benefits, insists Diana Verde Nieto.

Multi-Minding Women are Co-Brand Managers

The next Women’s Liberation Movement is here, says Kelley Murray Skoloda, only this time marketers need to be mindful of the growing influence that communications-savvy, juggling-adept females are having on brands.

Being Smarter About Media

Nick Sharples challenges the perceived wisdom of media relations activity, arguing that the duration of coverage achieved by most campaigns is far too short.

Definitions of PR: Keeping it Honest

How to square achieving organizational goals with serving the public interest is a conundrum lying at the heart of PR. By Paul Seaman.

The Caring Face of Pharmaceuticals in Croatia

In two stints working for Pliva, Tamara Peæareviæ Sušanj has witnessed many changes. Today the company is renowned for its public health initiatives.

The Secret of Sir Martin’s Success

In his new book Secret of My Success, Jamie X Oliver shares the business secrets of top entrepreneurs. In this extract, he talks to communications services empire builder Sir Martin Sorrell.

Good News About Kids

It is harder than ever for nonprofit organizations to secure coverage of good news stories in traditional media. That’s why, explains Ellen Lubell, it is essential to make use of social media and reach our directly to stakeholders.

Golden Rules for Success in Japan

Kazuko Kotaki offers practical advice to companies, especially those with European roots, on prospering in the Japanese market.

Harnessing Celebrity Power for a Good Cause

When they are passionate and genuine about supporting a good cause, celebrities can make a big difference. Natasha Koifman explains how.
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