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ITL #222 Becoming business strategists: time to recharge the PR profession

The communications landscape is being transformed and client needs have become more complex. But these sweeping changes have thrown up an opportunity for PR practitioners to redefine themselves as sales, marketing and communications strategists. By Lars-Ola Nordqvist.

ITL #221 All the young dudes: what millennials want from work

Employers expect a return on the investments made in developing their people. Not easy, given the mindset of many younger workers. By Danny Cox.

ITL #220 Choice of words: when should communicators use swag or slang?

Language is evolving faster than ever. As new terms and usages catch on among certain demographic groups, communicators need to think carefully about if and when to use them. By Juan F. Lezama.

ITL #219 Open data: a richer context to communications

In the age of data journalism and with trust and transparency of critical importance to organisations, PR practitioners must learn how to use open data appropriately to inform and influence. By Paul Wilkinson.

ITL #218 Breathless with anticipation: countdown to the Golden World Awards 2017 deadline

The IPRA GWAs are the only truly global PR awards. The good news is, there’s still time to enter this year’s competition. By Rob Gray.
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