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Relationship-Building for Global Stakeholder Engagement

Gail S. Thornton The Author's Details Gail S. Thornton works in Merck’s Global Communications department. Formerly, she was vice president of international communications at Schering-Plough Corporation, which is now part of Merck. E-mail the author Vi

Building and Protecting Brands Across Borders

Rob Shimmin has spent 20 years honing messages for global brands and training spokespeople to deliver them. Here he offers some observations on what’s worked and what has not.

Positive Prospects for Latin America

Laura Schoen foresees a decade of opportunities for the public relations industry in Latin America.

Measuring Your Network

In an extract from her book Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me, Penny Power looks at how to exploit social media for marketing purposes.

Professional But Never a Profession

There are a number of insurmountable hurdles in the way of public relations becoming a profession like law and accountancy, argues Trevor Morris.

Heavyweight PR Stunt Provides Fitness Lift

Thomas J. Madden dreamt up an ostensibly gimmicky product to make a serious point about obesity in a humorous way and at the same time help clients in the fitness and weight-loss market.

CR and Sustainability, Commit or Crunch?

Waves of research conducted over the past decade highlight the importance of responsible and sustainable corporate behaviour. Sandra Macleod sets the findings in context and ponders what it all means for the near future.

Visible and Positive Despite Diminished Resources

Technology company Unisys has endured major budget cuts yet has managed to keep its PR profile high. By Jim Kerr.

Rethinking Business for the New Decade

The global economic picture remains far from rosy, however Keith Hunt is of the view that the PR industry is well-placed to exploit new opportunities created by the rise of social media.
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