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ITL #377   Business understanding for the CCO: four levels, two contexts

There’s far more to a business than its financials. Chief Communications Officers should focus on a broader and more holistic understanding to earn the trust of their top managers. By Anders Monrad Rendtorff.

ITL #376   Don’t sleepwalk into AI: PR must diversify roles and support business innovation

Many managers tasked with harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) don’t have the experience and framework to understand it. PR needs to upskill to help with decision making and value creation. By Kerry Sheehan.

ITL #375   Covid-19 in Africa: steering brands through challenging circumstances

Three steps communicators can take to build brands and reputation. By Robyn de Villiers.

ITL #374 Science communications: the importance of facts in an increasingly faux science world

How can we address the proliferation of fake news and improve scientific literacy? By Carol Borchert

ITL #373 Topic-based strategic communication and corporate newsrooms: greater agility in corporate communication

Some companies have established corporate newsrooms that mimic how editorial offices work to deliver communication faster and more effectively. By Sabine Einwiller.
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