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ITL #255 Playing the empathy card: the soft skills your agency needs to rise to the top of its market segment

Notable global corporations and even the US military have come to appreciate the power of empathy. While for PR practitioners, greater success may be achieved by taking shared journeys and finding common ground. By David Amerland.

ITL #254 Searching for a global public relations agency: focus on multi-market coordination and budget

Selecting an agency able to deliver globally while sticking to budget is far from easy. Here are the questions to ask. By Steve Drake.

ITL #253 Communicating about Africa: what’s the right narrative?

All too often, the complexity and diversity of a whole continent is boiled down into an inadequate single story. By Patricia Obozuwa.

ITL #252 The future of PR: how colleges can develop qualified professionals

What the PR industry needs from higher education is graduates able to create digital content and with the skills to measure communications impact. By Anna Ruth Williams.
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