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ITL #364 - The industry evolution train: will we catch it?

Strategic communications must evolve to become better partners to the CEO and business. By Sukanti Ghosh

ITL #363 Effective social media engagement: the rapidly changing rules

How the Optical Society (OSA) uses social media to tell its stories, fight disinformation and engage with influencers. By Suzanne Ffolkes.

ITL #362 Crisis after crisis: the road to disaster

A mismanaged crisis often sparks a second, even greater crisis that has the potential to prove fatal for the organization in the firing line. By Mercedes Córdova.

ITL #361 - Coronavirus: tackling misinformation in a time of panic

Accurate and inaccurate information about COVID-19 is spreading faster than the investigations medical experts are conducting into the virus. By Trey Watkins.

ITL #360 Public relations 4.0: challenges and opportunities for a new PR stage

In today’s fast-moving world, PR faces a quartet of major challenges: measurement, ethics, appropriate use of all available channels and education. By Patrik Schober.
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