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Wanted: A Community of Practice for Senior Public Relations Practitioners

The gap between PR theory and practice is not always easily bridged. How self-aware are senior practitioners and how much do they interrogate their thinking when making decisions? By Jacquie L’Etang and Mandy Powell.

Putting solutions together in more innovative ways: Do we really need faster horses in multinational PR?

Boutique PR agencies are increasingly adept at working with clients on communications assignments that involve an international dimension. By Joy Scott.

Generation Next: Glimpsing the future while nurturing the stars of tomorrow

Young innovators in the creative industry are doing far more than getting a foot on the lower rungs of the career ladder. By Kerrie Finch

The rules have changed: Is PR a young person’s game?

Given how quickly the communications landscape is changing, is ‘experience’ quite as valuable as it used to be? By Khamisi McKenzie.
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