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ITL #231 Employee engagement: wrapping communications in a SCARF framework

Personalised communication that addresses innate social needs plays a major role in keeping employees happy and productive. By Crispin Manners.

ITL #230 Public affairs in India: navigating a complex policy domain

India presents huge opportunities for multinational corporations but it is also a complicated and challenging country in which to do business. By Nitin Mantri.

ITL #229 Rethinking resources and skills: whose job is it anyway?

Many organisations struggle to map out the level and balance of internal and external support necessary to deliver the communications results they desire. By Julia Willoughby.

ITL #228 From disruption to disorientation: a new approach to brand management

Amid fast-paced change and growing incivility, brands are finding near-future thinking more realistic than long-term mapping. By Ian Rumsby.

ITL #227 Entrepreneurs and reputation: the Uber problems of fast-growth start-ups

Company founders often struggle with staff management and business reputation issues, with potentially damaging consequences. By Jacqueline Purcell.
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