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A secret weapon to build trust: connectors

Central and Eastern Europe provides inspiring examples of how natural "connectors" in big corporations, governments and NGOs can look beyond narrow interests to build trust. By Eszter Szabo.

C-H-I-N-A: Five strategic considerations for Chinese companies going global

Companies from China are conducting business internationally on an unprecedented scale. But communication misjudgements in markets such as the US may put a brake on growth. By Tom Ho.

Public relations and employer branding: new ways to retain loyalty

Organisations’ biggest assets go up and down – in the elevator every day. Motivating employees and maintaining their loyalty has never been of greater concern. And it’s not all about the money. By Amybel Sánchez de Walther.

Public Affairs in Central & Eastern Europe: an industry inching towards maturity

Although CEE is incredibly diverse, it is nevertheless possible to make some general observations about public affairs trends across the region. By Ben Petter.
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