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Heroes Happen Here

Steven Yong from Weber Shandwick Kuala Lumpur explains how PR helped Microsoft Malaysia showcase its next generation of infrastructure and application platform products along with the IT heroes that made it all happen.

Passport to World Citizenry

Social media is blurring national borders and exerting pressure on the scope of communications mandates. Martin Waxman considers how PR practitioners should respond.

A Prescription for Greater Healthcare Openness

Judith von Gordon argues there is a pressing need to emotionalise PR linked to prescription medicines. Unfortunately drug companies’ attempts to do so are largely thwarted by regulatory restrictions.

Carbon, Cost and Consequences

There are no easy answers in the energy debate given that every power generation source has its drawbacks. In the context of strident protests by environmental groups, energy company E.ON is ensuring that its side of the story is heard above the clamour. B

AppLabs Re-branding Elicits Applause

A thorough re-branding exercise has allowed Indian company AppLabs to communicate values such as consistency, reliability and confidence to its clients and partners, raise its profile globally and achieve higher ratings from industry analysts. By Reema Sar

Face Facts About the New Lotus

The Evora is the first new model from supercar company Lotus in over a decade. Ben Rachel explains how the launch put a smile on the faces of individualistic car lovers.

Sticking to Benchmarks for Better Control of Corporate PR

German group Henkel has redefined its corporate brand following a refocusing of its business and has taken great strides towards integrating communications controlling into standard management reporting. By Ernst Primosch.

Venezuelan Government’s Political Revolution Coerces Public Relations to be Strategic

Academic Juan-Carlos Molleda, an expert on Public Relations in Latin America, believes that the policies and actions of the controversial Hugo Chávez administration have re-shaped the way PR is conducted in Venezuela.

Five Goals for Public Relations in Barbados

Caribbean nation Barbados is famed for its idyllic beaches. However, away from the sandy bays, firm foundations for the Public Relations profession are being laid in place. By Christal P. McIntosh.

Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Communication Today

Christian Krpoun believes that by following the example of great artists from the past we can devise more effective and better-integrated communications solutions.
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