Overcoming a mountain of passivity: The power of inertia in change management

Attempts to change attitudes and behaviours often founder due to target audience inertia. In order to succeed, communicators must develop a clearer appreciation of the human tendency to take the path which represents the least risk. By Andy Green.

Creativity 2.0: being more ‘uncreative’ to focus on creativity when it really counts

Today’s communications challenges call for a new creative approach. And there’s a useful 80:20 rule for prioritising creativity when it can make a difference, argues Andy Green.

The power that money can’t buy: are you managing your ‘Brand Kultura’?

Content and brand stories created by a brand’s community play an increasingly significant role in promotion and innovation. Yet many brands are still failing to harness the potential benefits of collaborating with fans. By Andy Green.

Creative Sparkle

Even boring appointment stories can be brought to life given some creative thought, says Andy Green.

Your Inner Brand

How you think shapes all your communications. You are a living brand, says Andy Green, and this is at the heart of your success as a communicator.
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