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ITL #343 Bridging the knowledge gap: how to help executives understand the power of PR

Too many senior people on the client side still have only a shaky grasp of what PR is and can do. It’s time to educate them. By Richard Benson.

ITL #342   Establishing global reach: nurturing associates down the hall and partners around the world

A midsize agency based in the US Midwest has found a highly effective way to put “feet on the street” around the world. By Julie Exner.

ITL #341 Linking brands with sport: is it time to stop thinking of sports stars as role models?

While elite sport has been bedevilled by many scandals, the highs outweigh the lows and countless brands continue to boost their image through sponsorship and other alliances. By David Alexander.

ITL #340 - Saving our seas and oceans: communicating with the purpose of improving marine health

The Marine Social Responsibility Consultancy was launched in March 2019 with a focus on protecting our precious oceans. By Matthew McKenna and Sarah Townsend.
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