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Evolution rules! From lowly supporting role to shaper of strategy

Long gone, thankfully, are the days when the best PR could hope for was a role promoting a strategy defined by others. Today it’s about creating a bigger picture. By Stephanie Rudnick.

Immediate strategic advantage and long-term reputation: is there a conflict?

The global business landscape is more competitive than ever. However, companies that respect fundamental values may have an edge over their rivals. By Michaela Paudler-Debus.

Sentiment, context and influence: are you listening to your customers?

Social media generates vast amounts of so-called unstructured data that provides a pointer to consumer sentiment. But that’s only the beginning. By Louise Roberts.

Transparency and its vulnerabilities: trust must be the public relations goal of governments, civil society organizations and corporations

The onus is on public relations practitioners to encourage transparency in their organizations and to resist pseudo-transparency. By Dean Kruckeberg and Marina Vujnovic.

Change management: understanding the communicator’s critical role

For Sanofi Canada, a head office move during a period of significant cultural change provided a golden opportunity to build greater collaboration and boost employee engagement. By Joanne Kennedy.
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