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Crisis communications in the age of social media: How the aviation industry woke up to the power of citizen journalists

Until recently, best practice for an aviation crisis centred on the premise of the Golden Hour. The rise of social media has led to the emergence of a new template. By John Bailey.

The bland, ‘cookie cutter’ executive: Are we training out personality?

There’s the risk when media training of smoothing away too many rough edges, so that when top executives are interviewed they look and sound as if they lack personality, with the result that there is little interest in what they say. By Charlotte Chunawala

The global social media challenge: a social marketer’s guide to managing brands across borders

Global brands must put in place a social media strategy that allows for insight into what customers want locally and encourages innovation. By Andres Wittermann.

Meet Joe Black: the future of death and mortality in the age of technology

Astonishing advances in technology are transforming the way we look at death, creating new business opportunities and raising digital legacy issues. By Elaine Cameron.
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