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ITL #188 Government relations: the art of winning over politicians

Influencing government policymakers is hard to do but the chances of success are increased by adhering to a set of basic principles. By Benjamin Haslem.

ITL #187 Microtargeting: data mining to identify supporters

Budgetary constraints have prevented the widespread use of microtargeting but it is only a matter of time before data driven communication features more frequently in political and non-political campaigns. By Tom Parker.

ITL #186 Fears for the future: financial agencies at a crossroads

The squeeze is on for London’s Financial and Corporate PR agencies. Is it time for some profound changes? By Andrew Grant.

ITL #185 Experiential PR: the active engagement boom in Asia

Consumers in Asia love to record and share their experiences. As such, there are tremendous opportunities for brands to involve them in live events. By Kiri Sinclair.
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