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When leaders miss the bigger picture: why investors and egos kill corporate communications

A myopic focus on investors may result in extremely naïve communications practices and at worst may act as a spur to unethical behaviour. By Richard Northcote.

A new era in energy regulation: Alberta Energy Regulator launches in the wake of an epic flood

There was far more to the launch of an energy regulator than a new name and logo. And as floodwaters rose, so did the communications challenges. By Kim Blanchette.

Making social marketing count: engaging your audience by (almost) any means possible

People are at varying stages of readiness for accepting something new. To foster engagement, social marketing must be built on a model of profound communications. By Sandra Wills Hannon.

Overcoming a mountain of passivity: The power of inertia in change management

Attempts to change attitudes and behaviours often founder due to target audience inertia. In order to succeed, communicators must develop a clearer appreciation of the human tendency to take the path which represents the least risk. By Andy Green.

Beyond the hype: Establishing PR’s strategic value in a changing technology sector

In the tech sector there is scope for PR to work smarter and more closely with Sales to target key prospects and drive up revenue. By Sarah Milner.
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