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ITL #271 Hug me at the stage door, please: a Latin American perspective on globalization

Going global means striking the right balance between local market insight and international capabilities. Although some degree of consistency is vital, we are not all the same! By Gustavo Averbuj.

ITL #270 Serious about innovation: meeting the Chinese market’s high expectations

China’s consumers are hungry for ‘amazing’ new products and predisposed to ascribing a social benefit to them. Yet at the same time, they are turned off by over-inflated claims concerning innovation. By Penny Burgess.

ITL #269 - Japan: the vision for 2020 and beyond

As host nation for the both the next Rugby World Cup and summer Olympics, Japan is getting ready to be the focus of global attention. By Etsuko Tsugihara.

ITL #268 - The trust conundrum: reputation in the age of cynicism

Was the third sector the final institutional bastion to blow its reputation in the UK – and is there anyone left we can depend on? By Jim Donaldson.
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