ABA Chapter

While IPRA is a global community of PR practitioners, there is also a need to network and meet locally. The Alpe-Balkan-Adria Chapter (ABA Chapter) brings together IPRA members from this region in South East Europe.

Currently there are members from the following countries:
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.


In line with the IPRA mission of leading trust and ethics in global communication, the ABA
Chapter will:

  • Promote trusted and ethical public relations in the region;
  • Transfer global knowledge and experience to the region;
  • Encourage continual professional development for PR practitioners in the region;
  • Forge new relationships with professional and business associations in the region;
  • Recruit new members to IPRA from within the region;
  • Encourage increased number of GWA entries from the region.

For information on how to participate please contact the IPRA Secretariat using our contact
form here.