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Competing with Everyone from Everywhere

Doing business globally presents an array of competitive situations and collaborative possibilities that require different strategies and approaches at different times. How well can PR meet these challenges, ponders IPRA President 2008 Robert W. Grupp.

Golden Rules of Global Media Relations

Trevor Gorin, of fast moving consumer goods giant Unilever, offers a seven-step guide to conducting effective media relations for a global business.

Julie Gaye

The internet has revolutionised the media landscape and its ongoing rise has tiggered the need for new communications action plans that embrace PR, lobbying and the web. By Julie Gaye.

Surviving the Market Downturn

Dale Fishburn, one of the original co-founders of Fishburn Hedges, reflects on some of the communications lessons that could be learned from past economic downturns.

From Tip to Base of the Consulting Pyramid

Not all Public Relations agencies are created equal. A few have the consulting skills to make a real strategic difference, while others thrive on day-to-day implementation. By Salvador da Cunha.
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