ITL #279 - David, Davida, Davetta, Davina and Goliath: how individuals can create positive change

Due to pollution, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources, our planet seems to be hurtling towards disaster. We all have a part to play in averting catastrophe by championing sustainability. By Alistair Peck.

ITL #278   -  Feeding the spirit: navigating our political and social landscape

At a time of nosediving trust, retail giant Kroger is striving to reduce hunger by eliminating food waste. By Jessica Adelman.

ITL #277 Social media: how it influences decision-making

Research shows that social media influences decision-making across industries and age groups. By Marcia DiStaso and Tina McCorkindale.

ITL #276 - The silent revolution: the new face of public relations

More channels, eroding trust in traditional media and new demands on the client side: the world of PR is changing dramatically. But these market challenges could form a new type of communication agency. By Michael Tobias.

ITL #275 - The game has changed: stop managing issues, solve them!

Simply trying to manage an issue is no longer enough. The public expects companies to tackle difficult problems head-on. By Christiaan Prins

ITL #274 - A media industry in flux: how it hurts brands, industries and even economies

The embattled media industry faces multiple challenges and, with revenues under pressure, continues to struggle. Cost-cutting has led to a decline in seasoned journalists, which may have dire consequences. By Stella Wink.

ITL #273 - The tricky subject of money: should clients define budgets upfront for PR agencies?

Agencies must gain clarity early on from clients over approved budgets in order for a workable, mutually beneficial relationship to develop. By David Landis.

ITL #272 Mining for trust: five ways to turn around mistrust and disengagement

The mining industry has not proved adept at telling its own story. That needs to change. By Warrick Hazeldine.

ITL #271 Hug me at the stage door, please: a Latin American perspective on globalization

Going global means striking the right balance between local market insight and international capabilities. Although some degree of consistency is vital, we are not all the same! By Gustavo Averbuj.

ITL #270 Serious about innovation: meeting the Chinese market’s high expectations

China’s consumers are hungry for ‘amazing’ new products and predisposed to ascribing a social benefit to them. Yet at the same time, they are turned off by over-inflated claims concerning innovation. By Penny Burgess.
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