ITL #304 - The key to relevance: reputation in the age of activism (and cute kitten videos)

Employees are your best brand advocates, particularly in an environment driven so extensively by social media and word-of-mouth communications. By Marci Kaminsky.

ITL #303   How to become a sticker on a laptop: turn fans into superfans

Some consumers actively want to become ‘friends’ with brands. The challenge is to deepen connections with them. By Norty Cohen.

ITL #302 Quality journalism trumps commoditisation: the difference between ‘news’ and ‘content’

Digital content created by businesses serves a purpose and is often of high quality. However, it is not news and teams producing it should not view real news outlets as an extension of their digital strategy. By Tim Skelton-Smith.

ITL #301 Advocacy communications: lessons from Bulgaria’s rejection of the Istanbul Convention

Advocacy communications within a larger advocacy strategy should always start with strategic framing analysis of major news media sources. By Maria Gergova-Bengtsson and Georgi Ivanov.

ITL #300 - A patent misunderstanding: the true meaning of copyright

There is widespread confusion about the word ‘copyright’, with many people taking it to mean the exact opposite of what it really stands for. Renaming the term ‘copywrong’ would make things much clearer. By Jacqueline Purcell.

ITL #299 - Executing M&A deals: don’t neglect brand strategy

A significant portion of the premium companies pay for an acquisition comes down to the strength of the brand. Yet often the brand conversation happens too late in the process. By Dave Heinsch.

ITL #298 - Rocked by business scandal: rebuilding trust in Malaysia

High profile corruption scandals like 1MDB have tarnished Malaysia’s image. If perceptions are to change, the country’s big businesses must take reputation management to heart as they set about rebuilding trust. By Liz Kamaruddin.

ITL #297 - Communications: no fixed abode

Does it matter where in the organisational structure Communications sits? And what does flexibility of location say about the discipline? By Kristina Blissett.

ITL #296  - Reputation beyond borders: assessing and mitigating risk

The Jamal Khashoggi story and its global repercussions underline how important it is for multinational organisations to incorporate detailed reputational risk assessment into their strategic planning.  By Sheena Thomson.

ITL #295 Quality of thought: a factory approach kills good PR

Too many agencies put profit ahead of creativity while shepherding their people through low cost and often low value cookie-cutter training courses that don’t add any real value. By Guy Walsingham.
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