Thought Leadership Essays

IPRA thought leadership (ITL) essays deliver relevant and engaging content for anyone involved in Public Relations with an international dimension. They provide valuable insight and forthright opinion on the key trends and live issues that really matter in the fast-changing world of Public Relations today.

ITL: #292 - Soft power: catalyst to country branding and foreign direct investment

Museums, educational institutions and tourism play a significant role in shaping international perceptions of a location and can pave the way for investment by foreign businesses. By Farzana Baduel.

ITL #291 -  Defining the curve: the changing nature of India’s PR industry

Strategy and outcome-focused agencies are benefiting from the massive changes sweeping through India. By Jaideep Shergill.

ITL #290 European Money Quiz: gamifying education to boost financial literacy

The European Banking Federation is using fun online learning on an international scale to teach teenage schoolchildren about debt, compounding interest and other important lessons about saving and borrowing with a view to improving future financial wellbeing. By Raymond Frenken.

ITL #289 - Facing the cameras: shifting the media spotlight from CEO to CCO

Should your Chief Communication Officer* be your chief communications spokesperson? By Guy Esnouf.*Other titles are available

ITL #288 - Crossing the relevance divide: sensitivity to local market culture

Brands need to balance global alignment with local relevance if they are to matter to consumers. By Joanna Oosthuizen.

ITL #287 Riding the news vs writing the news: what PRs need to know

Although piggybacking on a story already making headlines and setting your own news agenda are different approaches, both present opportunities for building brand reputation and driving commercial success. By Laura Hindley.

ITL #286  - AI: can it tell stories that touch our hearts?

When marketers partner with machines, they can tell stories that are more effective, engaging, and even empathetic. By Lee Nugent.

ITL #285 Professional empathy: A skill often overlooked in marketing communications

ITL #285 Professional empathy: A skill often overlooked in marketing communications

ITL #284 - Reputation in the aftermath of Grenfell: how ‘trial by media’ can crack the hero brand’s halo

The narrative blame game that unfolded following the Grenfell Tower catastrophe offers important communication lessons and underlines that even highly respected organisations are vulnerable to reputational damage. By George Noon.

ITL #283 - Strategies for influencing EU policy: Public Affairs in a consensus-driven environment

The nature of the EU, with its strong focus on the everyday work of committees and working groups and the fact that legislation can only be brought forward by an unelected Commission, leads to an approach that is more technocratic than party political. By Wes Himes.
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