Thought Leadership Essays

IPRA thought leadership (ITL) essays deliver relevant and engaging content for anyone involved in Public Relations with an international dimension. They provide valuable insight and forthright opinion on the key trends and live issues that really matter in the fast-changing world of Public Relations today.

ITL #328 Global messages, local nuances: the importance of local insights for global brands

Companies must give sufficient power to their local people on the ground so that they are able to implement what makes sense in their markets. By Jennifer Leppington-Clark.

ITL #327 Measurement: the PR profession’s blind spot

PR is yet to properly get to grips with measurement and evaluation, even though it is arguably the most pressing challenge the profession faces. By Jon Meakin.

ITL #326 Still in good shape: who says public relations is dying?

Some pundits suggest PR is in decline. Yet the wide-ranging changes of recent years have brought great opportunities for growth. By Claudia Pritchitt.

ITL #325 Sweden: where polarisation is the new normal

A longstanding consensus culture has been replaced by people taking sides. What opportunities does the polarised discourse offer brands? By Deeped Niclas Strandh.

ITL #324 - The consumer is your co-driver: social media amplification strategies

Today you can dramatically increase the number of eyes that see a traditional media hit, allowing you to reach audiences you would not previously have considered possible. By Phil Lobel.

ITL #323 Brand protection: a cybersecurity checklist

Cyber-attacks and data breaches can be incredibly damaging. Organizations must get on top of managing the risk. By David Eisenstadt.

ITL #322 Intercontinental prospects: navigating the uncharted waters of global agency procurement

How can independent agencies overcome cultural barriers and forge successful partnerships with clients based in a different part of the world? By Bryan Harris.

ITL #321   Return of the IPRA Gold Paper: the changing face of executive reputation

After an 11-year gap, there’s a fresh addition to the prestigious IPRA Gold Paper series. This fascinating new study underlines how digital executive reputation is an increasingly important aspect of a company’s accountability. By Svetlana Stavreva.

ITL #320   Influencer marketing in Nigeria: an increasingly viable ecosystem

After a slow start, influencer marketing is set for strong growth in Nigeria as agencies, brands and influencers begin taking a more sophisticated approach to effective collaboration. By Bidemi Zakariyau.

ITL #319  - Restoring the true sense of words: providing meaning to create connections

Definitions have been distorted and important words have lost their true meaning. Communicators must turn the tide against the twisting and debasement of language. By Delphine Jouenne.
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