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Serving Coke to Dr Frankenstein

If you had the power to create the ideal in-house PR person, what skills would you bestow on them? Sonya H. Soutus reveals how Coca-Cola is exploring such ideas to ensure it is well-placed to meet new challenges.

CSR: Not the Same in Lagos as London

Paul Seaman is a firm believer in Corporate Responsibility but argues it is naïve to expect it to be implemented evenly in every country.

A Snapshot of Business School Marketing

Vicky Robinson presents some interesting research into marketing and communications issues for business schools based in the UK.

If it’s Social, it Connects

Some practitioners think social media and real life are different worlds. Frank Ovaitt cites research as he argues that technology, like art, imitates life.

Leadership Opportunities for Chief Communications Officers

Distinctions between corporate brand, culture and reputation are becoming increasingly blurred, giving CCOs greater scope to play an enhanced role in what their companies do. By Bill Margaritis.

Fresh Air, Dog Walks and Pub Lunches

Those envious of a leisurely lifestyle had best look away now. Former PR consultancy boss Nigel Kennedy is having the time of his life during a long-awaited career break.

Love without Borders

Love without Borders

Personal Touch Still Key in a Crisis

Does online reputation management signal the end of the company spokesperson? Jonathan Hemus believes otherwise.

Who Really Needs a Code of Ethics?

With more business schools adopting ethical pledges, questions of professional morality are becoming increasingly relevant to young professionals. However, is it really the rank-and-file nine-to-fivers who are most in need of instruction in honesty and tra

The Swing from Advertising to PR

At a time of message clutter and media fragmentation, PR is proving adept at reaching and engaging with audiences. Rachel Bell considers whether an enhanced role in consumer marketing beckons.
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