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Let’s End The Spin Cycle

Gordon Coulter objects when disparaging terms are applied to the work of serious corporate communications practitioners. It is truth rather than spin, he asserts, that builds reputation in the long-term.

Sustainable Business, Hot Stuff or Hot Air?

Brands that dabble with sustainability can be accused of greenwashing. Diana Verde Nieto offers advice on delivering successful sustainable communications.

A Brighter Light Shines on Big Business in India

Communicating in the world’s largest democracy presents opportunities and challenges at a time of growing international interest in India and increasing scrutiny of big business. By Senjam Raj Sekhar.

Stars Still Sparkle in Recession

As marketers navigate the global economic crisis, Dan Perlet explains why collaborations with celebrities and the entertainment industry are even more influential when times are tough.

A Contrasting Perspective on Ukraine

Zhenya Pankratieva rebuts some of the points made in an earlier article about Ukraine, arguing that the Public Relations industry in the country has made great strides in recent years and that the problems it faces are not so different from elsewhere.

Authentic Passion About Colombia

Two separate image campaigns reveal a great deal about Colombia, writes Juan-Carlos Molleda.

Crisis Make or Break – The First 24 Hours

How an organization responds in the early stages of a crisis can make a big difference to its reputation. Mark Herford offers insight and best practice tips on handling a crisis in a way that minimises reputational damage.

Working Through It

The Irish economy has taken a battering during the world financial crisis and it has been extremely tough going for the country’s Public Relations sector. Nigel Heneghan calls on the industry to talk up the value of PR.

Israel’s Vibrant Life Sciences Sector

Life science has no boundaries, cuts across political lines and has great potential to positively touch everyone. Marjie Hadad, a global public relations consultant with a specialty in medical PR, describes what it’s like to work from Israel, an internatio

President’s Letter

IPRA President 2009 Maria Gergova recounts some of the high points from a fascinating conference held in Bulgaria on the rise and changing nature of online media.
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