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Massaging Messages Into Great Shape

Gerry Griffin offers some excellent advice on fine-tuning corporate messaging.

Your Inner Brand

How you think shapes all your communications. You are a living brand, says Andy Green, and this is at the heart of your success as a communicator.

Voice Of The World

Robert Gray picks out some telling findings from a hugely ambitious global opinion research project, before ruminating on an IPRA e-group discussion on the meaning of coconuts. Yes really, coconuts!

Insights Into Corporate China

Michael Goodman talks us through a benchmarking study on Corporate Communication in Greater China before addressing the role of business in public diplomacy.

Evolutionary France

With specialist PR agencies merging to boost their scale and ad agencies devoting greater resource to their PR operations, the French marketplace is maturing. Rémy Debrant reports.

Truth About Smoking

The American Legacy Foundation battles the tobacco industry to keep teens from smoking. Julia Cartwright explains how.

Celtic Tiger Roars

Great communication has been an ‘essential lubricant’ in the rapid progress of the Irish economy. By Brendan Bracken.

Tech That’s Not ’Techie’

Martin Bostock says the key to promoting technology to consumers is to focus on practical benefits and entertainment value ahead of jargon and product features.

Managing The Opinion Factor

The growth in foreign ownership of major businesses has generated both cultural and communications challenges. Jean-Pierre Beaudoin says PR practitioners must increasingly take into account the ‘global map’ of their cleints.

A Dashboard To Help With Steering

The majority of PR measurement tools are inadequate, argues Nicholas Barnett. More sophisticated navigational software is required.
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