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The Importance of Style

In an edited extract from his book Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations, John Foster demonstrates the essential role of clear, consistent style in compelling communications.

Reaching out to Gay Consumers

Gays and lesbians are a powerful, loyal and often untapped audience. Ben Finzel reveals how to engage with this audience honestly and consistently.

Reality Distorted by Photoshop and Bias

What is quality news media? Who defines it, and – most importantly – who delivers it? These are burning questions in our social media age. By Nikos Drandakis.

Fuelling Gazprom’s Warmer Image

The UK-based marketing and trading arm of the world’s largest energy company faces a daunting public relations challenge but has achieved some notable success in changing perceptions. By Philip Dewhurst.

Choosing and Using PR Agencies

In an edited extract from their succinct book Choosing and Using PR Agencies, Tom Wells and Mark Crompton offer useful advice on the preliminary and secondary vetting process.
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