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Lessons from the Death of a Princess

Ten years ago Britain mourned the death of Princess Diana, with an unprecedented emotional outburst. The events of the week that followed led many to ask: are those holding the reins of power really in touch with public taste? Alan Lane looks at how her un

Newborn Baby Screening

Lack of federal standards on health screening tests given to newborn babies triggered an ongoing information campaign targeting parents and policymakers across the US. By Michele Kling.

Growing your Business Internationally

Keith Hunt outlines the necessary steps to ensure successful expansion overseas. His advice is based on a recent Results International conference Growing Your Business Internationally, which took place in London on 2nd October and featured a range of agenc

India’s Online Explosion

With the notable exception of its leading retailers, India is embracing the internet with a passion. Dilip Cherian assesses the impact of burgeoning online activity.

Is the Brand Still King in the Middle East?

Some pundits have predicted the death of famous brands in the Middle East through a combination of anti-western feeling and the arrival of flexible newcomers. By Nidal Abou Zaki.
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