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Message from IPRA President - November 2014

Let me share with you a few words in my address to the 10th International PR Symposium held in Tehran last month:

IPRA works on the Secretary-General’s “Zero Hunger Challenge”

IPRA members James McQueeny and Barbara Burns representing the organization at the United Nations' annual conference in New York. The 2015 meeting is the largest ever held.  

Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola Company chairman and CEO has received the 2014 IPRA President's Award

IPRA 2014 President Dr. Zehra Güngör presented the IPRA President's Award to The Coca Cola Company Chairman & CEO Muhtar Kent in Istanbul at the luncheon reception.

Message from IPRA President - September 2014

Although August is referred to as “holiday time”, it is also a great time to prepare for the upcoming autumn period and the coming year.  Last month while managing relations with other international organizations, IPRA also continued its work for the GWA Gala (Istanbul Friday 14 November 2014) and the World Congress featuring the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of IPRA in Johannesburg (Sunday 27 September – Tuesday 29 September 2015).  

Message from IPRA President - August 2014

Although they say that July and August are the months when people take their holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, neither IPRA nor I have experienced that this year. Together with IPRA’s Board and Secretariat, we were busy in July and it looks like August will be a hectic month too. 

Message from IPRA President - June 2014

Summertime has come for the Northern Hemisphere while the Southern Hemisphere gets ready for winter.  

Invitation to the International PR Forum, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Do you know how Alexander the Great is connected to all apples in the world?

Message from IPRA President 2014, May

Time flies. Already one third of my term at IPRA has passed. During that time I hope you have enjoyed these monthly messages. 

Public Relations Credo

I believe there exist extra dimensions to the practice of professional public relations which must be present in almost equal measure before an initiative can be so termed and which grant it societal meaning and community worth.

Amybel Sánchez de Walther elected President of IPRA for year 2015

After being a member of International Public Relations Association (IPRA) for over 8 years and the Representative for Latam since 2010, Dr. Amybel Sánchez de Walther- a well-known Peruvian public relations professional- was elected President of IPRA for term 2015, the year of the 60th anniversary of the prestigious association. 

Season's greetings from the IPRA president 2013

I can't appreciate if I have been a great president or not but I have done my best to serve the organization, to protect its legacy and to make its voice heard.

Sharm El Sheikh hosts Arab International Public Relations Conference

The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) organized the First Arab International PR Conference 2013; in the charming city of Sharm El Sheikh. The conference was organized in partnership with the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and Rada Research & Public Relations (The technical arm of the conference).

Twitter is the world´s largest PR company

In 1984 I saw Apple´s Macintosh launch and that changed my life. I decided to promote technology and asked myself: “where do I start ?”, “what is the first thing you do to inform people?”

Zehra Güngör: Turkey is flying high

My being elected president of the IPRA is as important for the country of which I am a citizen as it is for me personally. Not only am I there as someone representing my country, the 50th president of a enormous world organization is also going to be from Turkey!

Peruvian university wins international IPRA President´s Award

Universidad de San Martín de Porres (USMP) based in Lima- Peru was awarded the IPRA President´s Award, the highest honor granted by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) -a worldwide organization bringing together public relations practitioners from all over the globe- for its permanent labor and contribution to research in Public Relations as well as to position  the profession in the Latin American region developing relevant international events and undergraduate, graduate and specialized academic programs.

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