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2020 Global Contribution winner continues pro-bono work for Croatian charity

IPRA reported earlier this month that the 2020 GWA Global Contribution Award given for PR with an objective of meeting one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals went to Soaps With Dots from Croatian agency Apriori World for their client The Zagreb Association for the Blind.

Message from the IPRA President: Helping business redesign for long-term success September 2020

As the UN turns 75, IPRA urges a global fight on fake news

Fake news is a main and under-recognized challenge that inhibits achieving the UN goals. This was a key finding of a global member outreach conducted in July by IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, as its contribution to the UN75 dialogue.

LLYC’s campaign on loneliness takes the Grand Prix at the 2020 IPRA Golden World Awards, while Apriori World makes a Global Contribution

The Grand Prix 2020 in the IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence (GWA), the world’s most prestigious PR awards scheme, is The Last Older Person to Die in Loneliness, created by Spanish agency LLYC on behalf of their client The BBK Foundation. The campaign was a perfect example of an unconventional communication strategy designed to start a conversation on a taboo topic – that of loneliness amongst the elderly. A most realistic sculpture was used to graphically demonstrate the message.

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