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Message from the IPRA President: A time of transition  September 2023

Hello, dear PR enthusiasts from all over the world.

IPRA’s nomination for the 2023 PRO PR GLOBE award: Mina Nazari, from Iran’s utility company

IPRA has nominated Mina Nazari, a manager for public relations and communications at the Power Distribution Company of Tabriz, Iran for one of the 2023 PRO PR GLOBE awards. The PRO PR GLOBE awards are organised by Croatian PR agency, Apriori World. The awards recognise individuals whose work contributes to a better perception of PR by the public. IPRA’s 2023 representative to the PRO PR GLOBE awards is board member Jacqueline Purcell.

Invitation to an IPRA webinar on crisis management: 14 September 2023

I am pleased to invite you to the next in the series of IPRA Thought Leadership webinars. The webinar Express crisis management: the 1-hour diagnostic will be presented by Gerry McCusker on Thursday 14 September 2023 at 12.00 GMT/UCT (unadjusted).

IPRA contributes to the UN’s sustainable development forum

IPRA’s submission on Climate Change Guidelines has been accepted for the United Nations high-level political forum on sustainable development, held under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council. IPRA proposed that the UN consider the IPRA Climate Change Guidelines in a modified form suitable for adoption by all communicators. For the full story and the modified guidelines see here.

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