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Message from the IPRA President: After 300 days in crisis, what's next? February 2021

We had our winter break and the most lucky among us were able to recuperate in the presence of family and friends. But after over three hundred days of pandemic related crisis communications, what's next for 2021 and for IPRA?

How the fall of the Berlin Wall sent ripples around the world of communication

What connects IPRA, UNESCO and the events of November 1989? In a recently updated webpage in our History section IPRA president 1988 Alain Modoux, provides an insight on the fall of the Berlin Wall and how it transformed not just Germany but the world of PR and communication.

IPRA and Australia form new bond

IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, has signed a partnership agreement with the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). Under the agreement, inter alia, the organisations will exchange information, share publications and help promote the ethical development of the PR profession.

China marketing and PR workshop 2021: Dos and Don'ts

I am pleased to invite you to a webinar offered by a new professional IPRA member Sally Maier-Yip.  This live event, entitled China marketing and PR workshop 2021: Dos and Don'ts, takes place on Thursday 25 February 2021 from 14.00 – 15.00 GMT/UCT.

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