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IPRA and the Hungarian PR Association sign co-operation agreement

IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, has signed a co-operation with the Hungarian PR Association (Magyar PR Szövetség). Under the Agreement, inter alia, the two organisations will exchange materials and know-how to help with the development of the PR profession such as IPRA’s Thought Leadership essays.

IPRA announces co-operation with Russia’s Eventiada Awards

Speaking to the Russian media yesterday, IPRA President Bart de Vries announced the start of a co-operation between IPRA’s Golden World Awards scheme and Russia’s long running Eventiada Awards.

Message from the IPRA President: Inequality is a bastion seemingly impervious to surrender. April 2017

I was reading a post about a phenomenon the actress Kristen Bell called ‘pink sourcing’: that is the hiring of women for less money, less benefits and lower career recognition than men. It has also been described as a form of profitable outsourcing of jobs without leaving the country (Gloria Feldt www.motto.time.com). Former President Obama believed the non-existence of a US female president was symptomatic of the trouble society has seeing powerful women.

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