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IPRA celebrates its 60th birthday in style: GWA Grand Prix is all about Saving

IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, celebrated its 60th anniversary in style last week at a congress in Johannesburg, South Africa with delegates from 38 countries. The Congress on the theme of leadership heard from a distinguished panel of speakers all leaders in their own right, from CEOs to social campaigners.

IPRA President’s Award 2015 goes to Peru’s educationalist Johan Leuridan Huys

In 2012, the IPRA President’s award went to the institution the Peruvian Universidad de San Martín de Porres following its excellent hosting of the IPRA World Congress. Today the IPRA President’s Award 2015 recognises the career of a symbolic leader of Peruvian education, Dr. Johan Leuridan Huys.

The International Public Relations Association Honors Harold Burson

This week, the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), founded to organize public relations professionals into a transnational society and raise standards of the practice of PR worldwide, is hosting its annual congress in Johannesburg, South Africa, and celebrating its 60th anniversary. The theme for the 2015 meeting is “Leadership in Communication – The Way to Trust,” an examination of the skills required to lead a brand or organization in today’s fast-paced, transparent marketplace.

Message from the President of IPRA - October 2015

We have enriched our knowledge with the insightful contributions of the invited speakers, as well as with the sharing of best practice.

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