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Message from Zehra Güngör, IPRA President 2014

My theme for this year is “empathy”. As President I have empathy for all IPRA members across the globe. And I want to suggest all IPRA members have empathy for each other, their colleagues, and their clients.
Zehra Güngör


Farewell statement of IPRA President 2014

Dear IPRA Members,

X Anniversary International PR Forum will take place in Kazakhstan

Dear colleagues!

Egypt's Tourism Minister Receives IPRA President's Award

Egypt's Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou, was today recognised by IPRA 2013 President, Christophe Ginisty as the recipient of the 2013IPRA President's Award.

Message from IPRA President 2014

Zehra Güngör


In 2014 I will be focusing on member relations and the recruitment of new members for IPRA. 2014 will be a year of “empathy” for IPRA.

December Message of IPRA President 2014

Communication could be described as the art of collecting. It is about collecting relations, it is about collecting knowledge and it is about collecting friendships.
Dr. Zehra Güngör, IPRA President 2014