Egypt's Tourism Minister Receives IPRA President's Award


Egypt's Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou, was today recognised by IPRA 2013 President, Christophe Ginisty as the recipient of the 2013IPRA President's Award.

Presenting the award, Ginisty, explained that, upon learning of the appointment by President Morsi to the office of Governor of the Luxor Province of a person linked to the 1997 terrorist attack on tourists, Mr Zaazou had immediately resigned. He had maintained his resignation in the face of strong pressure and the new governor's appontment was rescinded.

"The President's award is designed to "recognise outstanding contribution to better world understanding", I believe that what Hisham Zaazoun did is particularly inspiring. It is something that very few politicians would have done in similar circumstances and I am full of respect for this. It is a demonstration of honesty, transparency, credibility and consistency" Ginisty said.

"Such a stand sent a clear message to both Egypt and the rest of the world that inviting tourists to visit historical sites under the governance of a leader associated with a massacre was simply unthinkable."

The award was made in Paris at the ReputationWar Conference, organised by Mr Ginisty and where Hisham Zaazou was keynote speaker.

The IPRA president's award has been presented annually since 1977. Previous recipients have included Aung San Suu Kyi, Al Gore, Band Aid and Amnesty International.


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