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Invitation to an IPRA webinar on The Weixin story 9 March 2023

I am pleased to invite you to the next in the series of IPRA Thought Leadership webinars. The webinar The Weixin story: PR’s contribution to CSR will be presented by Zoe Chou, Dean of the Weixin Strategic Research Institute and the Head of PR at Weixin on Thursday 9 March 2023 at 12.00 GMT/UCT (unadjusted).

William Corbett In Memoriam

IPRA pays its respects to William J. Corbett who has died at the age of 85. Bill was American and based in New York. He joined IPRA in 1977, later serving on both Council and Board. He was IPRA president in 1990. His choice of President’s award for an outstanding contribution to better world understanding was CNN cable news network. The award recognised CNN’s pioneering status as a provider of 24-hour news and unique coverage of events such as the Challenger space shuttle disaster. The award was prescient given CNN’s extraordinary coverage of the first Gulf War the following year. Published during his presidency was IPRA Gold Paper number seven, Public Relations education: recommendations and standards.

Message from the IPRA President:  A call for action February 2023

Hello, PR enthusiasts from all over the world. I am pleased to announce that on 12 January 2023, before my inauguration as IPRA President, we presented the IPRA Climate Change Communication Guidelines. My sincere thanks go to former IPRA president and current board member Svetlana Stavreva, board member and chair of the Climate Change Chapter Daniel Silberhorn, Dr Henk van Liempt from Scientists4Future and IPRA secretary general Philip Sheppard. You can find the guidelines here. As we have done with the Code of Conduct we want to translate the guidelines into all the languages of the IPRA membership. Please let our secretary general [email protected] know if you can help with a translation.

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