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Message from the IPRA President: PR in Azerbaijan February 2018

Midway this month, IPRA endorsed a full-day conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. Billed as the First International Forum on PR Creativity, the conference brought together over 500 participants from the region who came to hear presenters from more than 10 countries worldwide. The topics broke down roughly in two parts: the practice of PR and the practice of education. In-between came some less often debated themes, such as the application of AI and robotics in the communication profession. For an emerging communication market like Azerbaijan, a conference like this is an important step in fostering a dialogue within its political and economic society about the developing role of public relations. IPRA is glad to support such developments and as its President, I took the opportunity to emphasize in my opening remarks for the conference the principles of freedom of information and ethical behaviour which form the raison d’être of our association. The conference in Baku was organised by PRoloq, an education development center, which undertook this early step in anchoring the education of communication more securely in the country.

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