X Anniversary International PR Forum will take place in Kazakhstan


IPRA and Public Relations community stakeholders of Kazakhstan are delighted to announce and invite all IPRA members to join the X Anniversary International PR Forum that will take place on June 3-5, 2014 in the picturesque city of Almaty.


Being the 9th largest country in the world Kazakhstan has evolved into a regional leader in terms of economy, political stability and industrial development. 

We are happy to welcome you in the largest city of Kazakhstan to talk about global PR trends and local challenges for PR industry in Central Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

The two-day event is hosted by PR-professionals’ Club PRshy and the National PR Association of Kazakhstan with support of PG Communications agency.

The general price of attendance in the X International PR Forum is US$ 570 (87000 Kzt) per person. IPRA members have a membershipdiscount 15% and membership fee is US$ 485 per person.

Discount Payment schedule:

By dates of payment Early birds – until 1 of April  2014 Payment until 1 of May 2014
Discount 10% or US$ 513 (78 300 Kzt) per person 5% or US$ 547 (82 650 Kzt) per person
By amount of people from one organization 2 attendants 3 and more attendants
Discount 5% or US$ 547 (82 650 Kzt) per person 10% or US$ 513 (78 300 Kzt) per person

The registration to the X International PR Forum starts on 1 of March, 2014. Information about logistics will be provided in a due time.

Questions are welcome at [email protected]  


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