China marketing and PR workshop 2021: Dos and Don'ts


I am pleased to invite you to a webinar offered by a new professional IPRA member Sally Maier-Yip.  This live event, entitled China marketing and PR workshop 2021: Dos and Don'ts, takes place on Thursday 25 February 2021 from 14.00 – 15.00 GMT/UCT.


Sally is the CEO of London-based 11K Consulting with over 16 years' experience in PR in Asia and the UK. The agency is specialised in helping clients to attract Chinese and Asian high-net-worth individuals, luxury consumers and investors.


What is the webinar content?

The webinar will cover the following themes with plenty of time for a Q&A:

  • Why China now?
  • Top 5 practical tips on building your brand reputation in China
  • 3 bad PR campaigns that failed in China
  • 3 good PR campaigns that succeeded in China
  • Top tips on China business etiquette: how to win the hearts of Chinese clients.


How to join

Register here at Airmeet.


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Background to 11K Consulting

11K Consulting is a PR agency specialised in helping clients to attract Chinese and Asian high-net-worth individuals. Their clients are a mix of high-end property developments, interior design, architecture, education, restaurants, luxury retail and lifestyle companies. For more information contact [email protected] or follow them on LinkedIn for daily China insights.




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