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Message from the IPRA President: Leading through change   May 2020

These last few months have been a wake-up call for rapid change. And we changed.

Another word from IPRA in difficult times

Dear IPRA members, allow me to provide a second update on how IPRA is adapting during the covid-19 pandemic, along with some help for communicators.

Message from the IPRA President: Getting ready for the Day After   April 2020

With a great sense of relief we see covid-19 slowing down its deadly global dance as countries are getting ready to return to normal. However, in the after-covid-19 world, normal will mean a new normal which we are yet to create together. A new normal for us, for our clients, for our industry and our communities. What  does a new normal look like? The pandemic has outlined three key lessons that, I believe, will help us build this new normal.

IPRA joins global taskforce for covid-19 communications

IPRA has joined a coalition of global PR groups launching a free consultation service to help communications leaders manage their organisations and agencies through the covid-19 crisis. The new service connects experienced advisors from around the world with those seeking support.

We are making GWA entries simpler for those working from home

I thought it timely to let you know how IPRA is coping and helping during the coronavirus pandemic. And there is some special help on Golden World Award entries.

A word from IPRA in difficult times

Dear IPRA members, I thought it timely to let you know how IPRA is coping and helping during the covid-19 pandemic.

Message from the IPRA President: Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable   March 2020

I hope my message finds you and your loved ones in good health! Covid-19 has shocked our lives in all possible ways. We think twice before shaking hands with a stranger and our homes have become simultaneously an office, a boardroom, a school, a gym, a park, and a stage.  Because the world is now globally connected the virus has spread globally in just a few months. And along with that spread is another. That is an infection around the world of fake news, fake cures, fear and panic. In addition many IPRA colleagues across the world report that the virus threat has triggered laws and measures that would otherwise take years of discussions before becoming a norm. Some of these measures are vital to protect our health now, others will have the potential to impact our lives far beyond the current crisis.

PRO PR – rejuvenating public relations

IPRA members are invited to Slovenia. PRO PR, the leading public relations conference in south eastern Europe, will take place from 9 -12 September at Terme Olimia Podčetrtek in Slovenia.  The event has again been endorsed by IPRA.

Message from the IPRA President: And the Oscar goes to..... February 2020

In the month of the Oscars everyone celebrates. We follow and admire our favorite actors and directors of dramas and comedies. We adore all these teams of people who:

ZEIT ONLINE Receives IPRA President’s Award

The German online news magazine ZEIT ONLINE has received the IPRA President’s Award for 2019. The award was bestowed on the website for its establishment of the face-to-face debate platform My Country Talks.

Message from the IPRA President: A Toast to the New Decade January 2020

On the 31st of December we changed a nine to a zero and thus began a new decade. A beginning marked with tumult around the world. We have been watching the consequences of climate change as the forests of Australia burn, we are worrying about missiles flying in the Middle East, we are reading the next chapter in the long Book of Brexit, and we are feeling nervous as the Russian government steps down in the year of the next US Presidential election. If this has made you think that we are beginning a decade of turbulence, think again!

Harold Burson In Memoriam

IPRA pays its respects to one of the founding fathers of PR, Harold Burson who has passed away at the age of 98. Harold Burson was a Member Emeritus of IPRA.

Message from the IPRA President: 10, 9, 8, 7... December 2019

As we count down to Christmas I want to thank you all for your contributions to the momentum we managed to build this year. And what a surge in momentum it was.

Message from the IPRA President: From Yerevan through Tehran to Moscow November 2019

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2019 announces winners

The best campaigns from Eastern Europe to Central Asia have been unveiled at the 9th Eventiada IPRA GWA Gala, the largest communications award in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the regional partner of the IPRA GWA Award, a global competition held since 1990 by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), one of the oldest industry associations, that has been setting up standards for public relations since 1955.