Message from the IPRA President elect: Time to be proactive April 2018


This month’s message is by guest author Svetlana Stavreva-Petrushkova.


It is April again: an exciting time that comes with a revitalizing feeling of change.


Navigating through change

Change has become the new normal in every industry and every function. This is especially true for the marketing and communications profession as we find ourselves in the midst of a storm created by new technologies, social media and economic disruption. It is extraordinary today to realise that typically it takes more time to create a message than to send it around the globe. This kind of inversion is a signal that our profession is transforming. We have no other choice, but to transform along with it.


Time to be proactive

Recently I was enthused by my participation as a judge in a local PR and communication project. In addition, I am keeping an eye on our own IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) competition now in its closing weeks. Entries must be in by 14 May. Get recognised, shine out and enter now.  I look forward to seeing your entries as I am a GWA judge also.


With Spring in the air, it is a time for clear and bright thinking even as we note that our profession is changing at a fast pace. PR helps to communicate about and even to create a better future for all of us. It is an exciting time and a great chance for us, as marketing and communications professionals, to be proactive.


So here is my plea to you to be proactive right now. Engage in the discussion on our LinkedIn Group, make a comment about the next Thought Leadership Essay you receive in your email inbox, and above all show the world your creativity by participating in IPRA's global PR competition, the GWA.  Enter your campaigns at  Good luck!


Svetlana Stavreva-Petrushkova

President elect 2019


Welcome to IPRA



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