Message from the IPRA President: It is GWA time March 2019


Remember last year…

By designing a pet therapy programme for children with autism, Aeroflot gave a whole new purpose to their Sulimov sniffer dogs whose daily routine is to fight drug-trafficking at Russian airports. It also gave new meaning and value to Aeroflot's brand. The campaign won IPRA's Golden World Awards Grand Prix last year. In another winning campaign, TNT's tropang ready (team ready) programme was about fighting typhoons and hurricanes in the disaster-prone Philippines. A special combination of information and entertainment engaged Filipino youth in advocating and spreading a culture of preparedness and prevention that saved lives. Dubai Police's smart video games campaign reached 24 million people spreading awareness and support for improved social behaviours. These were just some of the award winning PR campaigns from IPRA's Golden World Awards for Excellence in PR 2018.


What campaigns win a Golden World Award?

Winners come in many forms such as campaigns serving people and causes that elevate the value of the brands they represent. Or projects that inspire people in a new way. Or communications that match purpose with trust and transparency. Is one of these campaigns something you have done? Yes? Well please tell us and the world about it. It is GWA time again.


Enter now

IPRA's Golden World Awards is the most prestigious PR competition in the world, attracting talents from around the globe. This year, I will lead a jury of experienced communication professionals with the goal to select and award the best campaigns that inspire people to make the world better, enhance brands and elevate the standards of our profession.


Have you submitted your campaign? Hurry up and do it now right here


Svetlana Stavreva

President 2019


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