IPRA honours provocative women’s rights group FEMEN


At a ceremony in Amsterdam on 23 May in the art gallery of Bayu Food, Dutch PR representatives bore witness to the IPRA President’s Award being given to Inna Shevchenko on behalf of her organisation FEMEN.


For a number of years, the female activists of FEMEN have harnessed the power of their bodies as the literal vehicle of their drive to overthrow patriarchy. The female body, says FEMEN, is both the means of women’s suppression and the vessel to their equality. And so, FEMEN’s activists worldwide have staged topless protests, painting their bodies with slogans, and disrupting the prevailing order.


In presenting the award Bart de Vries, IPRA President said: “Inna Shevchenko and the women activists of FEMEN in nine countries around the world have demonstrated strong endurance and courageous communication skills to put the issues of sexism, the trafficking of women and freedom of speech on the agenda.


In reply, Inna Shevchenko affirmed: “FEMEN is proud to be recognised by IPRA’s professional communication community for our activism and efforts to make women heard and not just seen.


The IPRA President’s Award is given to a person or organisation for having made an outstanding contribution to better world understanding. “The sophistication and brazenness of FEMEN’s communication power makes it a required addition to the list of previous recipients of the President’s Award,” said De Vries.


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