IPRA echoes the UN’s Finlandia Declaration on press freedom


At a World Press Freedom Day conference in Helsinki, media practitioners, representatives of governments and civil society adopted the “Finlandia Declaration,” calling on UNESCO’s 195 Member States to “reaffirm that press freedom and the right to information are essential for a free, independent and pluralistic media and crucial to the advancement of human rights and sustainable development.”


“IPRA members can play an important role to communicate this message from World Press Freedom Day, especially that access to information and safety of journalists are essential to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030,” said Barbara Burns, IPRA representative to the UN who along with IPRA board member Jim McQueeny, attended the meeting.


World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2016, was also commemorated at UN headquarters in New York with panel discussions on press freedom and access to information, sponsored by the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) and UNESCO. For the text of the Finlandia Declaration see:



Meanwhile, the UN DPI is preparing for its NGOs conference taking place in the historic city of Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, 30 May - 1 June 2016. The Conference theme of “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together” will attract over 2000 NGO representatives from around the globe. More at:



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