An invitation to shape input for Climate Change Communication


Today, 6 November 2022, the leaders of the world come together with representatives from business and civil society in the Egyptian coastal city of Sharm el-Sheikh for the largest gathering this year on climate action at COP27. Can the world keep up momentum in the face of a growing energy crisis and a war in Europe? Extreme weather events and record greenhouse gas concentrations underscore the urgency to deliver on the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2°C or below.


IPRA climate change survey

According to the recent IPRA survey, climate change is currently a key topic for PR people working both in-house and for PR agencies. And the overwhelming majority of respondents, 81%, expects climate change to become more important in their work over the next two years. Moreover, almost 90% agree that the PR profession has a responsibility to tackle climate change, emphasizing that we can have a substantial impact. Finally, PR professionals indicated that engaging with clients on climate action is the key opportunity and indeed a responsibility for every one of us. Given these results, we believe it is a call to action for us not only as the communications profession but also as a global association affiliated with the United Nations and their sustainability goals. IPRA is uniquely positioned to make an impact worldwide and that is what we intend to do.


Please give us your input on climate communications

Further to the survey and with the support of the IPRA Board, the IPRA Climate Change Chapter will publish guidelines with the aim of helping PR professionals to play a valuable part in furthering communications aspects of climate change. The emphasis will be on practicality, responsibility, science, and our shared values. We are keen to create those guidelines with your input and therefore invite you to share your recommendations on the content of the guidelines. Based on your ideas the Chapter will develop the guidelines and where relevant link them to the articles of the IPRA code of conduct.


As David Attenborough said in 2020, “Saving the planet is now a communications issue.” We know the science, and we know what we must do. Communicators play a big part in the required transformation because we are the link between organisations and their stakeholders. So please do get back to us with your thoughts on what should be included in our guidelines. Just email the secretariat at [email protected] and they will pass all ideas to the Chapter.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Daniel Silberhorn, Chair of the Climate Change Chapter

Philip Sheppard, Secretary General



Background to IPRA

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