Message from the IPRA President: Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable April 2019


I am just back from the beautiful Croatian city of Selce where I spoke at the 17th PRO PR Conference organized by Apriori World. Its title Networking in Motion is a perfect reflection of the crossroads our industry is at and the constant change we all live in. Speakers and participants came from all over the world including Argentina, Australia, Austria and Japan, yet we all spoke with one voice with questions and concerns such as:

How do we fight for audiences amid a huge real and digital noise that will only intensify?

How do we abide to truths such as ethical behavior, story telling and analytical thinking while fighting fake news on digital platforms?

How do we truly understand and leverage social media?

How do we develop the skills for the future bearing in mind that AI will change almost all jobs over the next decade?

While there are no clear answers yet, one thing is clear: our profession is transforming at a fast pace.


It's about discomfort

We learn to engage people based on data and on behavioral science. Today data-driven programmes directly reach millions of individuals. In reaction PR experts are developing new skills to become broadcasters, developers, politicians, and scientists. Because of the speed of these developments we feel pressure both from the past and from a beckoning future. Hence the need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The good news about this is that with every challenge comes an opportunity. The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity. There is an opportunity to embrace data-driven PR and communication providing value to our audiences. This can be inspirational. Moreover, it can be a mandate to communicate with purpose, trust and transparency.

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.


Svetlana Stavreva

President 2019


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