UNESCO wins the International Public Relations Association President’s Award in 2009


The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) has announced UNESCO as the winner of its highest honour for last year. IPRA thus recognizes the outstanding work of UNESCO to insure better educational and cultural prospects to people and thus to help bridge divides created by the different levels of access to education in different world regions.

IPRA's highest honor - this annual President’s Award - was established in 1977 to salute individuals or institutions who have utilized the tools of communication to promote the principles of peace, social justice, cultural understanding, or the role of public relations. Respected people and institutions, such as The Nobel Foundation, The United Nations University for Peace, The National Geographic Society, Mr. Al Gore, Vice President, the United States of America, The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, The Queen's Golden Jubilee Committee, The Economist, and others have been awarded over the years.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, IPRA announced that it would create a new prize in its yearly Golden World Awards programme, recognizing excellence in PR. A special UNESCO Prize would, from the 2010 edition of the GWA, be awarded to a public relation campaign promoting one of the goals of UNESCO.


Education is the competitive engine of the global economy - human capital has replaced physical capital as the source of economic advantage. Societies are complex, requiring agile people who can learn and relearn. Highly skilled people with the right capabilities are vital to a country's ability to succeed in a global economy. Ensuring equal access to education is the best way towards world prosperity. We are very happy to prize UNESCO for adopting smart communications approaches towards this goal.
Maria Gergova, IPRA President 2009
This is a valuable recognition of the work which all the delegations of member countries and the staff of our organization day by day devote to our common purpose. I welcome, as Director General of UNESCO, the relationship with partners in the economy and society. Joining our efforts more often and more deeply can only be beneficial to all.
Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO


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