Message from the IPRA President: You are (NOT) on mute   July/August 2020


"You are on mute" is a phrase we often hear, experience, or even sense in our online covid-19 influenced daily lives. It is also a situation that sometimes is painfully close to the realities of public relations. How many times have we tried to design campaigns, programmes and activities that for one reason or another have remained on mute? Well, here is today’s good news and it comes directly from the second round of this year's IPRA GWA judging.


A bit of good judgment

It is a matter of pride to know with certainty that the PR campaigns from all over the world that my colleagues and I have been reviewing lately, will never remain muted. Instead they reach far and wide, they blaze trails and they have all made an impact. And those excellent finalists in the Golden World Awards competition also make the life of a judge really tough forcing us to consider and re-consider their merits before we pick the winners. This is hard task indeed, but it is also a privilege! And let me thank all this year’s GWA judges for their contributions and time.


To mute or not to mute

I have a question for you all. Do you want to stay muted or would you prefer to have your voice heard? If you prefer the latter, it is the right time to deepen your relationship with IPRA by either becoming a full paid–up IPRA member by clicking here or taking the next step towards a professional membership. In either case now is a perfect moment to decide and join the IPRA community in a long and rewarding journey. Who else but us, the IPRA family, knows from experience that IPRA membership is the badge of excellence of the PR profession. As an example of the heights one can achieve I am very proud to share the news that our colleague and IPRA board member Jacqueline Purcell has been recognized recently. Jacqueline has been awarded the Fellowship of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Public Relations for her outstanding work in PR, for her service to the Institute and for her personal achievements within the profession. Warm congratulations, dear Jacqueline!


Are you ready to start your own journey towards excellence in the PR profession? We’ve made a short video – do have a look.



Svetlana Stavreva

President 2019 – 2020


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